Hawthorn Cottage

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Hawthorn sleeps 4 adults and 2 dogs and sits on the shore at Southerness, overlooking one of the oldest lighthouses in Scotland.

Hawthorn Cottage

For the longest time I had a picture in my mind of a white cottage, perched on the seashore overlooking a lighthouse. Unbelievably, in 2013, one came on to the market in Southerness; a small seaside village overlooking the Solway Firth in Dumfries & Galloway.

At the time we lived in London and, as you can imagine, Scotland seemed a long way to come for regular weekend breaks! Nevertheless, on a soaking wet January day, Mike and I came to meet the lovely owners of Hawthorn cottage to see if what I had been dreaming about for all those years had the potential of coming true.

hawthorn cottage kitchen

I won’t say it was love at first sight. Although the cottage had been very much loved and well maintained over the previous twenty years, it was quite dated and initially I struggled with the vision required to see what it could be. (I think it must have been all that rain!)

Mike, however, saw the potential immediately and, as we sat in the car, eating a fish supper from the local (amazing!) chippy, with the rain hammering on the roof, he slowly convinced me of the same.

Over the next six months, a local contractor helped us to strip the cottage back to its bare bones and recreate the seaside bolt-hole we had spent all that time dreaming about!

At first we questioned whether we were being a bit crazy – buying a weekend bolt hole in Scotland when we lived in London – but we quickly realised that it was just as easy to get to Dumfries & Galloway as it was to get to Cornwall (in fact easier as we lived in North London.) All we had to do was jump on the train at Euston and we could be in Lockerbie in around four hours with no changes.

Hawthorn Cottage Master

This meant more and more time spent at the cottage, which planted one of the best ideas we’ve had to date: could we actually move here?

As a result, the cottage we painstakingly created as our bolt-hole is now one of our range of holiday cottages. I think the fact that we created it for ourselves is why our guests love it so much. People often comment on how cosy the cottage is and thank us for all ‘the little touches’ that make it feel like a home from home. We still love Hawthorn and hope to keep it for many years to come.

Hawthorn Dining Kitchen
Hawthorn Lounge

To book a stay at Hawthorn Cottage click here to be taken through to our booking agent.